Pawsitive Worx helps clients and their dogs live the pawsitively good life! Here’s what a few customers have to say….

We highly recommend Stacy Block, owner of Pawsitive Worx, if you are in need of an excellent dog trainer. We adopted a rescue dog five weeks ago who had major challenges, and we couldn’t have done it without Stacy’s help as our dog trainer. We have been working on many training exercises such as, learning how to appropriately walk on a leash, sit and stay, crate training, how to engage appropriately with other dogs and people, and so much more. We have seen major improvements with our puppy’s behavior, and we know that Stacy has been a major factor with that progress. We highly recommend Stacy Block. She has gone ‘over and beyond’ with her help, she has been readily available for questions anytime, and has had very high expectations.


The training we received from Pawsitive Worx was outstanding! Alphonse now truly ENJOYS his walks with Maisie (no more pulling)! The 4 week class in the park really helped (for other instruction, Stacy came to our home). And Maisie is doing great with not lunging at distractions. What a difference those classes made for BOTH Alphonse & Maisie!


Stacy began helping us with our puppy almost as soon as we got him at 8 weeks old. He had the usual puppy challenges – he didn’t know how to walk on a leash well, he was biting, he didn’t come when called and wasn’t house trained. Stacy came to our house for private puppy classes with my husband and me, teaching only positive reinforcement methods. Other dog owners are so impressed with his behavior when we meet them on our walks. They can’t believe that he is a puppy.  He has learned all of this through positive methods only, with no “no’s” or threatening behavior from us. He is a better dog because we are better owners.


I needed the dogs to do proper greetings at the door. Stacy has made me so much more aware of my body language and voice and how it fits in with the training. She really helps me to look at my own behaviors. With two one-year-old energetic black labs, she is giving me back my sanity when other people enter my home! And the dogs will have more fun, too.


Stacy’s love and understanding of animals is evident from the first moment she meets them. Her knowledge of dog behavior allows her to identify problems and impediments very quickly. There are no easy wins with a frightened, abused dog like mine, but Stacy builds on small improvements and stays positive. She has also given me tips on sources of good products and services. She’s a real pro!


Stacy has been a godsend for us for about 6 months now. My two male dogs adore her and she has been so helpful for me on a number of training topics. I highly recommend her approach.


Stacy is GREAT! Her positive reinforcement training did wonders for my new pup, who was always so excited to see and work with her. She is so helpful and knowledgeable


Stacy is great and very good at what she does. I love the positive training approach and she clearly enjoys getting to know her doggie clients and then figuring out how best to approach the particular behavior issue. My dog was always happy to see Stacy because it meant we were all going to have fun!


Very knowledgeable about dog and people behavior for training and recommended great products and food to help our pups with behavior. Learned a lot and have continued to use her training daily.


Stacy has been training our rescue dog, and she has been very helpful. Our pup initially had accidents in the house and even in his crate, but he’s fully potty trained now.


Stacy is outstanding. She comes to your house on your schedule and really turned our situation around. She’s professional, focused and compassionate. Recommend Stacy highly.


Stacy was SO great with our VERY high anxiety dog, she gave us so much knowledge to help our girl!


I will vouch that Stacy is one of the best trainers out there. We did her level 1 puppy training class and have a great dog as a result. I would highly recommend this class to anyone and Stacy as a trainer overall.


I’ve personally witnessed negative reinforcement training, and it was sad to see the dog treated in this manner. Thankfully there’s alternatives to that like Pawsitive Worx – good job!!!


Stacy was SO great with our VERY high anxiety dog; she gave us so much knowledge to help our girl!


Stacy Block was amazing in helping me with my leash reactive dog. In my opinion, there is no quick fix. It takes a serious commitment of time to see long term success. Stacy was patient with my training and really showed me how to read my dog. I now can take my dog on walks, meet new people and walk by dogs. We even go to the dog park!


Stacy with Pawsitive Worx is wonderful! She helped us tackle some big stuff and we are so happy with the results.


Stacy’s love for dogs is apparent from the moment she comes in the door. As is her ability to train the human, just as much as the dog. We have a greatly behaved 120lb “puppy” because of the work she did with him and with us. I would highly recommend her. One thing to note – our little guy loved her so much, you could see he was sad when she left. She truly has a connection with dogs that transcends ownership.